Comprehensive Urology in Athens, GA

The team of urology specialists at Urology Clinic are leaders in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of urologic conditions. Our program offers a unique approach to the treatment of urologic conditions and is designed for all patients who suffer from any type of urologic disease – from simple to complex. We offer both innovative surgical and medical treatments and also set a course of long-term management for recovery and prevention.

For more information about the treatments for urologic conditions that we offer, call us today at (706) 543-2718.

Incontinence and Urinary Issues

Many people experience urinary incontinence, both men and women. Additionally, we also treat conditions such as Kidney Stones and BPH, which can cause issues with your urinary tract and bladder health. Dr. Allen is experienced in using the latest technology to treat urinary issues, including using minimally invasive and non-surgical methods.

Sexual Health

A very common group of conditions that urology covers is reproductive health. This is anything relating to a male’s ability to reproduce, but can also include family/female reproductive health concerns if applicable. Reproductive health conditions include low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and also infertility.


Urologic Oncology

Urologic oncology is one of the most important conditions to treat in the field. It deals with all cancers related to urology, including prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer mainly. These cancers are in the top 6 cancers in men, specifically.

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